Friday, September 25, 2009

Neoregelia concentrica hybrids

Neoregelia 'Exotica Shocking Pink'
A lovely hybrid from an old, unnamed Neoregelia concentrica cultivar (probably crossed with neo. carolinae) I had in my collection and a lovely pink centred form (parentage unknown) which came from Brazilian seed.

Fairly normal when not in flower, at flowering the centre turns this absolutely shocking pink. A medium sized rosette approximately 40cm wide, with nice broad leaves in shiny apple green.

Neoregelia 'Exotica Pink'
Lime green leaves form a nicely shaped rosette up to 30cm wide. At flowering, the centre turns cherry blossom pink, with a few random splashes of white which adds interest. Prefers bright light but avoid midday sun. Can take slight frosts.

Neoregelia 'Exotica Lipstick'
Another one of the pink hybrids, this one tending more towards the red end of the spectrum, and with a more substantial rosette, showing more of the concentrica parentage.

Neoregelia 'Exotica Flamingo'
Glossy green leaves that are tinged with maroon develop into a rosette approximately 50cm across. The colouring intensifies in good light, although full sun will burn this cultivar, as it will with most of this group.

At flowering, the centre turns a shocking flamingo pink, shading out to maroon at the extremities.

 Neoregelia 'Exotica Amethyst'
Another cultivar that shows more of its concentrica parentage than the carolinae side. A robust plant that can take reasonable sun, although still not full sun. At flowering the centre turns this intense shade of amethyst.

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